HR Consultant

Independent Contractor
July 2019 - Present

  • Audits and Compliance: form I9, handbook, FLSA, section 125 benefits, OSHA 300A, ACA compliance and 1095 & 1094 forms, EEOC-1 reporting
  • Advice and Support: recruiting and staffing, onboarding process, training and development, employee relation issues, labor law compliance, analyzing of employment data, workers compensation claims, FMLA claim processing, and monitoring
  • Process Change: HR/Payroll and benefit administration systems, background check, analytic dashboard, onboarding, and offboarding processes; talent recruitment: applicant tracking, process assistance, recruitment of talent
  • Organizational Development: skill gap analysis, hiring analysis, confidential feedback, training programs, and performance management
  • HR Training: Train new and advancing HR talent on process changes, benefit understanding, best practices, talent management, and basic knowledge of employment law
  • Interim and Additional Talent: mergers and acquisitions, interim talent, open enrollment assistance, employment relation issues, terminations, layoffs, and voluntary audits

Homes by West Bay, LLC

Director of Human Resources
May 2017 – Present

  • Report directly to the President/CEO
  • Member of senior management providing insight into improvements of human capital management
  • Conduct HR functions for approximately 100 employees in the Tampa Bay area, including: recruitment, benefits administration, employment relation issues, new hire onboarding and separations, internal education, workers compensation, and HR administration.
  • Negotiate and update the benefits plans annually between the insurance broker to update investments and provide more competitive health plans for the employees
  • Implemented pre-screening assessment tool and standardized hiring procedure – reduced annual turnover by 10%
  • Created and implemented annual employee satisfaction and engagement survey based on the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire short-form and the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale
  • Created customized emotional intelligent and communication quarterly workshops for Construction departmant
  • Customized annual reviews, turnover reduction, increased employee engagement, implemented compliance and skill gap training

ConnectWise, Inc. (USA) Tampa, FL
ConnectWise LTD (United Kingdom)
ConnectWise PTY LTD (Australia)
ConnectWise Canada Company (Canada)

Head of Human Resources
February 2014 – May 2017

Formally merged or dissolved: BizDox, LLC;, Inc.; ConnectWise IT, Inc.; LabTech Software, LLC; Quosal, LLC,
ScreenConnect Software, LLC

  • Reported directly to the Chief Legal Officer with dotted lines to the CFO and the COO
  • Developed and managed the HR team of 7 subordinates: Talent Acquisition Manager, Talent Acquisition Coordinator, On-boarding Coordinator, Benefits Specialist, Generalists, and Administrator
  • Directed the HR function for 850 employees in Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington State. Basic HR oversight of employees in California
  • Oversaw the 401k testing, audit, 5500 filing and quarterly fiduciary meetings
  • Negotiated and updated the benefits plans each year, and managed self-insured insurance plans with stop loss
    insurance, and coordinated IBNR and claim payments with Treasury with an annual budget of $3.3 million
  • Oversaw 2 acquisitions, the merger of 4 entities, and managed the dissolution of 2 entities.
  • Implemented Ultimate Software ROI of 18-month payback period, Inc. Tampa, FL
ConnectWise IT, Inc.
LabTech Software. LLC

Human Resources Coordinator/Generalist
December 2011 – February 2014

  • Conducted internal recruitment, new hire onboarding, employment relation investigations and actions, off-boarding, benefits administration and wellness, and HR administration
  • Administered the HR functions with the growth of 300 employees in 2012 to 540 employees in 2014
  • Secured and managed the Qualified Target Industry grant award with Department of Economic Opportunity providing $1,050,000 in tax rebates and executed the application for local and federal grants Employed Worker Training and On-the-Job Training National Emergency Grant; awarded over $75,000 annually